Mission Statement

“Trailing Inspirations: Adventures for the Explorer in Everyone” is, for now, a weblog for the reader’s enjoyment.

The purpose of this weblog is to present personal experience tales of the road and those places where adventure of all kinds capture one’s emotions and memories. We intend to share those short and long trips taken for escape and learning. Along the way we’ll share tidbits of knowledge gathered from such trips.

Some of these tidbits will take the form of “Tips and Tricks” learned while traveling. If we’ve already learned how to avoid future difficulties, sharing that knowledge can alleviate trouble for readers should they choose to adventure forth into the wilds of the world. That is all to the good.

Twice a week, we intend to present a short tale about an aspect of travel or a destination that we’ve visited. An entry will also be made in “Tips and Tricks” with useful and sometimes unusual information helpful to the camper in all of us.

On occasion a slide show will be added to the art gallery of photos taken during our travels. Eventually, we hope this weblog will evolve into a magazine about personal travel for the average person; you know the one—the one without mega bucks for lodging and meals. It will be for those who can find the extraordinary in the commonplace and appreciate the journey to get there.

Most of all, we want this to be a place where readers can find inspiration for developing adventures of their own. In the end, a person’s individual adventures are the ones that will always stick in the mind, bring a smile to the lips, and be shared with family for years beyond the arrival back home.

To those who pause here for a few moments of sharing, enjoy yourselves and believe that you, too, can be an explorer.



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