About the Team

Claudette Young, Writer

One of the fabulous aspects of writing is the ability to choose my own  projects/work. I write for children and adults, from short stories to essays, poetry to creative non-fiction, and experimental to travel. The odd memoir crosses the publishing threshold once in a while as well. All genres are available. All genres are possible avenues for the words I long to write.

My latest choice and newest adventure is this blog. I hope every reader can find something new to enjoy here and that bits and pieces will be taken away and shared with still more people.

If any of our travel stories, tips, and destinations inspires others, BJ and I will have served a purpose. If something that you learn here help you decide to investigate a new place for your own adventures, that’s all the better.

Living in the northwestern Montana affords me an opportunity to explore nature. Having a collaboration partner affords me an opportunity to explore outside the nearby attractions. Welcome to our explorations.

Betty Jo Jones, Photographer

~ Freelance Outdoor Photographer, Retired EMT, BJ lives in Kalispell, Montana but has roots in Oklahoma, Washington State, Colorado and California. I’m single with 3 grown sons and 14 grandchildren (currently). I enjoy: photography, travel, camping, fishing, crafting, painting, cooking, classic rock & country music.

I have had many different careers over the years and am very much a social/people person. I’m blessed with many great friends and enjoy socializing on the computer. We, who are artists in any form, are so blessed when we can share our work with others in a positive light. Happy Trails wherever life takes you…

4 thoughts on “About the Team

    • I’ll be sure to remember that the next time we run through Indiana or anywhere else. We never knew about this data base. It looks like a valuable tool for finding interesting places to visit whether in the neighborhood or across the country.

      Thanks for the information and the heads-up.


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