Deciding on a Destination

The following will give you a taste of our options on any given day. 

Whether sitting on the sidelines of a summer’s skydiving competition or admiring classic cars/boats at shows, Kalispell, Montana has a bit of everything for visitors. The well-appointed downtown area expands to include museums, public library, eateries, and other businesses.

Early morning can arrive in splendor, surprising resident and visitor alike. A hot-air balloon can sail past your window just after sunrise with only an occasional distinctive burner burst to catch your attention. Any day can be a day of unknowns and adventure for those who look for them.

Need to get out of doors to see the countryside but don’t want to brave the peaks in Glacier National Park or the tourists?  Consider any destination within a one hundred mile radius of Kalispell to tickle your fantasies.

For instance, travel to Libby in early to mid-September for the annual NordicFest. Scandinavian pioneers founded logging town. The three day event tantalizes the soul with varied activities for children and adults alike. From quilting to crafting, logging exhibitions to equestrian shows, and good food, Libby can supply your needs during the Fest.

North of Libby sits Eureka, a small northwestern town on the Canadian border. The Roosville customs station will allow you to travel into that country provided you have the proper identification. A passport will always get you across the border.

 From there you can go into Canada (with proper papers) or drive east-southeast along Hwy 93 to Whitefish. Big Mountain Ski Resort is open for both summer and winter. Activities vary by season but always entertain with thrilling daring-dos. If you like snow sport, fly in for a week of snowballs and ski runs. If luge is more your “speed”, you can find that, too. Hiking and other summer activities keep visitors pumped in warmer weather.

Those who would rather spend an afternoon window shopping, gallery haunting, or taking a snack at a quaint Bistro, Big Fork on the east side of Flathead Lake on Hwy. 35, is the ticket.  The town is built at the confluence of the Swan River and Flathead Lake.

Its Repertory Theatre Company sparkles on stage with its productions, dramatic or musical. Like Whitefish, Big Fork is heavily weighted toward the Arts and has many renowned representatives to prove it. The offerings in this modern, yet quaint, lakeside town change constantly but never lessen in value.

Whether you choose to travel far from Kalispell’s hub, or just down the road to Smith Lake for some quiet time at dawn or dusk, surprises abound and satisfactions are many.

 Any visitor can ask a local about places to go and things to do, regardless of the desired outcome. That’s one things we’ve learned in the past several years. Locals love to take about their home areas. And if you just want to relax, ask the guy down on the dock where you can get needed items for join him for a while.You, too, could catch a freshwater salmon.


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